Before people can wield the Christ power, they have to have a Christ seed within their own hearts. If they try to wield the Christ power without first having a Christ seed, their own soul will lead them to a place where the Christ seed is available.

Sowers of the Christ seed are custodians of the Christ lore. They have earned the right to cooperate with the angelic kingdom in its work of dispensing the Christ seed to humanity.

The Christ seed is “smaller than a mustard seed.” A quantity of them is given to individuals who render some outstanding service to the Christ or who want to serve Christ by being Sowers. The Christ seeds must be sown. This means that they have to be consciously planted in another person through the agency of thought.

If one wishes to become a “Christ seed” Sower, one prays to the Heavenly Father that the power be given to do so, and then proceeds to bless people to prove sincerity. A special method to become a “Christ seed” Sower is to make a firm resolve “from this moment on, I will live a life of harmlessness, and will devote myself to helpfulness as much as possible.” If one is worthy, has the Christ within, and has led a good, harmless life for at least seven years, the power to “sow the Christ seeds” may be conferred on one. One must live a harmless life for at least seven years, because it takes a minimum of seven years to transmute or spiritualize the earth element in one’s vehicles. This spiritualized essence is drawn on by the angelic kingdom and is needed to sow the Christ seeds with its cooperation.

If one is persistent and lives up to the necessary requirements, the light in one’s aura will increase and catch the eager eye of one of Christ’s Deputies on the inner planes, who will confer the power required. This power is the property of the soul and it can only be used unselfishly in service to humanity.

How to Bless People

One can start the blessing work by spending some time each week, standing at a busy place to bless people who pass by, and thinking “Christ be with you” when one sees them. If one has the Christ within, but not the power to sow the Christ seeds, one will nevertheless start to draw on the Christ power from one’s own soul and from the aura of the earth.

When Jesus was baptized by John, a “white dove” was seen over His head when the Christ power came into Him. When Jesus hung on the cross as a sacrifice for humanity’s welfare, at His last breath, He breathed out the Christ power, which suffused the earth’s aura and is there to this day to be drawn on as needed.

Attempting to draw on the Christ power will raise one’s own vibrations to the level of contact with the soul. The soul is a custodian of the Christ power, and the effect of its vibrations speeds up the evolutionary force. When the mind learns to contact the soul, it is no longer limited by the very slow action of the evolutionary force of nature, because the Christ power gives the mind the power to command nature.

One old lady, who was bedridden with a severe heart condition, decided to bless people during the hour-long walk her doctor prescribed for her each day. “Blessing” people made her feel much better, so each day she stayed out a little longer and walked a little further. When the time came for her monthly checkup, her doctor discovered, to his utter amazement, that her heart was completely normal. It had been regenerated by the Christ power being transmitted through it.

When a Sower of the Christ seed goes out with the intention of blessing people, he or she will begin to notice that the people who are receptive to the blessing are drawn to the place where the Sower is. Often the people who want and need the blessing are not happy and well adjusted. These people seem to appear out of nowhere when the blessing work begins. If one adopts the practice of sending out a mental call for all the people who want a Christ seed in an area to make an appearance while one is there, the service will be more effective. In fact, in a densely populated area, a real traffic jam can occur, because all the people who are ready for a Christ seed will be drawn to the area by their own souls.

Christ seeds can be sown en masse when the Sower is part of a gathering, such as in attending a performance, program, parade, or being a traveler going through populated areas. The Sower can also be the performer, speaker or preacher, facing an audience, group or gathering. The Sower asks, “in Christ’s Name, let the Christ seed be made available to those who are ready for it, want it, and need it.” When this plea is made, the cherubs whose heads and wings of force spinning on each side just below the head, and whose bodies are like baskets filled with the Christ seed, materialize at the top of a huge spiritual cone. The diameter at the center of which is the Sower, may vary in size at the bottom, but will be large enough to envelop the area containing the ones needing the Christ seed.

In this way, hundreds–even thousands–of Christ seeds can be sown at a time.

And places can be magnetized in which the Christ seed is made available. This is one of the reasons for pilgrimages being made. Some of these places in America are the Missions in California, the old Russian cathedral in Sitka, Alaska, and the historic parish church in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. In Europe, some cathedrals of France, which are basilicas, are dispensers of the Christ seed also.

Marks of Acceptance

As one’s vibration is raised by doing the blessing work, one will gradually become aware of a sequence of events that transpire when the Christ seeds are sown. It may take years and years of service before the whole sequence of events is seen, depending on one’s own purity, elevation of consciousness, and what each recipient shows as his or her reaction. First, one will see a shining pinpoint of golden light leave from the vicinity of one’s own chest or from the basket of the angel who is with one and hover for the barest moment over the head of the one who is being blessed. The point of light over the head then expands instantly into a very thin golden band of light around the individual’s head, like a halo. The halo then tilts back, and the bottom part of it disappears into the nape of the neck where the animal part of man resides. The front part of the halo then drops and the positive and negative aspects of the discipline under which the individual is presently evolving, which means their work or service, flow from the back of the head along either side of the halo around the neck to form a round medallion on the breast. The medallion flashes the individual’s mark and sinks into the breast. This mark is a universal symbol recognized in the arts and sciences for a particular activity or line of work in the current life.

Marks which have been seen for which the interpretation is obvious are the caduceus, indicating a doctor or someone involved in medicine, a right-angle square, indicating a carpenter or someone involved in the building trades, and a balance scale, indicating someone employed in the legal profession. Marks which have been seen for which the interpretation is not as obvious are a scroll, a book and a pen, and a globe. One cannot be too didactic about what lines of work are indicated, because one cannot stop and ask each who shows his or her mark what he or she does for a living. The Masonic fraternity preserves the tradition of this lore in its ceremony of the Mark Mason degree.

Reactions of the receiver differ, because when the halo touches the back of the neck it contacts the present condition of the individual, as cumulated through all past lives. Some people smile, some lick their lips, some swallow, and some scowl, frown, or even spit or shake themselves. Some people have even vomited when contacting the Christ power. People often show if they accept or reject the Christ seed. Many people are not ready for it, because they are not ready to take up regeneration. When the Christ seed is rejected, it comes out of the person’s throat center and returns to the Sower. When the Christ seed is accepted, it drops down the soul thread into the heart, and the Christ child is then immaculately conceived within the individual’s heart.

The acceptance of a Christ seed enables an individual to take the four minor initiations which precede the “Birth” experience. These initiations of earth, air, fire, and water can be taken inwardly, if one is ready, by attending the appropriate opera of Wagner’s greatest work, the Ring. The etheric bodies of those people undergoing the initiation can be seen on stage during the opera, and this accounts for the reason their physical bodies may go to sleep.

Individuals who already have a Christ seed from a former or the present life may show under which spiritual discipline they are evolving by having its symbol flash on the forehead. This may be the symbol of a religion or that of an initiatic Order. Once a Christ seed is accepted, the individual’s soul leads him or her into a discipline where the greatest and fastest progress into spirituality will be made for him or her.

Sometimes the head of a babe will be seen looking out from the breast of the one who has been blessed. A light will appear on the breast and a baby’s head will turn outward toward the Sower, and then turn back in and the light will fade. At times the babe will have an old face, all wrinkled and shriveled, like the face depicted of the Christ child in the arms of the Madonna in some old art masterpieces commissioned by the people represented. The appearance of the babe means that the Christ seed has been sown (Immaculate Conception) in the heart (the Manger in the Stable of the body), gestated and grown into a babe (Virgin Birth), and has been nourished on the milk of human kindness (Harmlessness) by the mental body (Mary). How much the babe grows depends on how much milk it gets. Thus, when the babe in the heart has an old and wrinkled face, who knows how long ago the Christ seed was sown and how much lack of human kindness there has been to slow the babe’s growth?

The Christ child does not grow automatically once conceived within. It has to be nourished by the individual. However, the individual has until all of eternity, because the Christ within is ageless and it cannot die because of neglect.

People who accept a Christ seed are usually old souls who are ready to step onto a path leading to liberation from the necessity of having to come back repeatedly into incarnation to endure suffering and pain. They are usually ready to face the balance of their karma and lead a Christ-like life, which is not as difficult as one may think. Children are more receptive of the Christ seed than are adults. Many adults reject the Christ seed because they think that they have everything or that they know everything. Many old people will take a Christ seed when blessed, but they will not do anything with it until their next life. The people who already have a Christ seed are distinguished from those who do not by a light around them, like a haze around the heart region. Very few in a crowd have this characteristic.

Each Soul’s Cross

Another phenomenon which is often seen is a string of beads encircling the person’s neck. The beads are in all colors and each contains all the experiences of a lifetime. There are as many beads as lives had since the person individualized and started incarnating as a human being. The bead’s color indicates what kind of life was led. Negativity blackens the beads. The fire of suffering makes the black turn some shade of red, and thus few beads are of a pure color, representing the pursuit, profession or purpose of the particular life. People show beads of all colors and sizes in all stages of becoming.

Usually, a red bead denotes a military life, which often entails sacrifice of one’s life to balance the slaying of others if one had not perished in battle. A pink or rose bead denotes humanitarianism where the individual spent a life in taking care of others, being of social service, and so on. A yellow bead indicates a life spent as a teacher of some sort, and a green bead denotes a medical life. An iridescent blue bead is a religious life, where the life was devoted to an ideal, and a violet bead indicates a monastic life of some sort. Gold beads are lives of selfless service. Silver ones denote service also, but the individual exacted compensation for the service. Black beads are lives of depravity, crime, and extreme selfishness.

People who spit out the Christ seed have a black cross appear at the end of their string of beads. It represents all the negativity that has to be transmuted before the beads can be purified. They start having as many miserable lives of utter deprivation as they have black beads. Then they have a final life of suffering like the crucifixion, where they may hang on their cross for years and years enduring great hardships. They will accept the Christ seed in that life or in the one to follow.

Each Soul’s Crucifixion

Sometimes one will see a huge cross behind the individual, which he or she is dragging, since they have not gone on it yet. Or sometimes one will see a replica of the individual, carrying the cross on his or her shoulders, or actually being crucified on it. The size of the cross is how much karma of transmuting the negative elements–earth and water (physical and emotional)–is required to achieve Christhood. The vibrations of the beads determine the nature of the cross each soul has.

The individuals who take a Christ seed either drag their cross around, shoulder it and stumble around for as many lives as it takes them to go on it; or they go on it right away and hang there suffering, sometimes for many years in the current life or in subsequent lives, until the earth and water elements in them are spiritualized.

To work off karma, all must eventually pick up their own cross and mentally carry it up to their own particular mount of crucifixion. The mental body picks up the cross it has been dragging, mounts it, and starts to transmute the beads to which the cross is attached. Each bead has to be transmuted into gold, silver, or a pearly iridescence, while the mental body hangs on the cross and suffers. It may take many lives of suffering to transmute a large black bead into red. Eventually the person will have to transmute the red into silver, and to be thereafter watchful never to repeat the sins of the past, for silver can tarnish again into black. A gold bead can never tarnish: that life is sacrosanct.

The object of each life is to redeem one’s total being at least one step. One can, therefore, work on the lacks and misdeeds of several lives–depending on the equipment one’s soul has brought forth into manifestation in the current life. Another way to work on the beads is by making pilgrimages. A pilgrimage is supposed to transmute all the beads’ one step up. Each religion has some sort of place to go on a pilgrimage. Hindus go to the Ganges, Muslims go to Mecca, and Christians visit the principal place of their religion’s affiliation. Christians should realize that Palestine is no longer a holy land, for them.

Sowers of the Christ Seed

Sowers of the Christ seed are mostly silent, unknown workers. They work either within the fold of established religion or without the fold, with the great mass of people who have little or no contact with or interest in organized religion. Silent workers unobtrusively bless people and are on their way. If a recipient shows any interest in the Sower at all, the Sower insulates self, and then lets the person talk himself out. The reason for this is that all must work out their own response to the blessing, because the only knowledge that is really meaningful comes from within. The Sower really cannot tell them anything, because they have to discover their own path of return for themselves.

Public workers, like a few of the well-known evangelists, are endowed especially to be unconscious Sowers of the Christ seed. The Christ seed has to be consciously (or unconsciously) planted in people who are physically near the Sower. People who listen to the radio or stay home and watch television cannot get a Christ seed, because they are outside the aura of the Sower and the Sower’s angel. The Christ seed has to be voluntarily accepted by the intelligence of someone who is in incarnation. The Sowers of the Christ seed have to be as sinless as possible or they lose their power, because they cannot tune into the realm of the Christ seed’s availability. Sowers cannot consciously hurt anyone, they cannot refuse to bless anyone, and they must answer softly to injury, as Jesus taught. There is a great need for Sowers in the world, because many people have been waiting a very long time for a Christ seed.

The Christ Within

It is a rare and delightful occurrence when, upon silently greeting someone with a “Christ be with you,” a beautiful, full-grown Christ-like form steps out of the individual and kisses one on the cheek. Sometimes the person will even do this physically as well. Married couples often kiss each other when one of them is blessed, because of the golden ring around them.

This Christ-like form within is one’s spiritual body. It interpenetrates the personality bodies with a luminescent spirituality. The spiritual body is nourished by the mental body as the mental body is nourished by the emotional body. The mental body is developed by using the mental powers. An occultist has a tremendously powerful mental body; he or she brings the emotional body under control and gains understanding.

By the time people accept a Christ seed, and they start to develop their spiritual body, they are good people. Still, as the Christ within grows to maturity, it has to cast out, burn or destroy the beast within–the animal-like psychic residue within the individual. This beast within can be seen under certain conditions. It represents the unredeemed part of every individual, and everyone who accepts a Christ seed must slay it himself. St. George and the Dragon are an allegory of what everyone must do: the sword Excalibur is the Christ power in action. The beast within must burn up completely before one can reintegrate with the soul, escape from the round of incarnation, and attain conscious immortality.

One’s etheric or ghost body, which appears similar to the physical body, becomes more angelic-like and full of light as the beast within burns up. Eventually, only the etheric body, the “golden bowl” of the Bible, remains to reflect the light of the soul. Then the soul is free to use and refine its physical instrument–the physical/etheric body and the mental body. The mental body is always human in form and looks like the etchings of William Blake of a man in outline form. The Christ or spiritual body helps this body grow to perfection. A Master has an enormous mental body and an etheric body that is Christ-like in appearance.


Jesus changed water into wine with his mental body. The Christ power gave His mind such power that He could change the atomic structure of matter with it. He could also materialize a thoughtform at will. That is how He fed the multitude. Jesus was the greatest occultist who ever lived–even greater than Moses.

The Redeemer, Yeheschuah or Jesus, was infused with the Christ power at His baptism, when it manifested in the shape of a dove. The dove that was seen over His head is a pictorial representation of an atom of the Christ power, which vibrates in a cross, like two symbols of infinity intersecting in the middle at right angles to each other. This power has always been available to those people on earth who were ready for it, but it has not always been in the very air we breathe. To repeat, Jesus was the first Avatar to manifest the Christ power so completely that He could suffuse the whole planet with it. When He said, “It is finished,” and swooned on the cross, He breathed out the Christ power that had come into Him at His baptism, and it permeated the etheric body of the earth. The potency of this power is undiminished today; because the earth has continuously drawn it to itself from the sun, ever since it was grounded on earth by Jesus. And it is now available to all.

The earth has always presented the phenomenon of a cross when viewed from space on the mental plane, but it has not always been suffused by the Christ power. Viewing the world from the cone of darkness, one sees a reddish aura around the earth and streaks of golden light at the equator and poles, reaching far out into space, which widen somewhat at the ends. The earth appears as a rose in the middle of this rosy cross, which has the longest arm at the north pole. The earth is the only planet with this signature, because all life on it is learning the lesson of duality. The earth is also the only planet which has the deep bass note of suffering in its chord. This suffering is the overtone emanating from the constant struggle going on.

Jesus is spoken of as a Savior because, when He breathed out the Christ power, it suffused the electromagnetic force of the earth itself and subjugated its serpent power.1 This strengthened mankind’s hold on the physical body and made it more difficult for astral beings to contact man. As a result, the evil subhuman spirits do not abound as much in and among humans. Possession of a human body by one of these is rarer, since the human himself has to agree to this phenomenon occurring. The “Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde” phenomena are based on truth. Fortunately, it is extremely rare at this time.2

Jesus brought a whole new method of evolvement and initiation to humanity–the Way of the Cross–for those people who were ready for it. Throughout His life, Jesus lived an illustration of what people must eventually go through inwardly, no matter what religion they are practicing, to redeem their lower nature and evolve to their rightful heritage on the spiritual plane. Thus, was the Word made flesh.

Before Jesus, spiritual progress entailed physical suffering, pains of the flesh. Jesus redeemed humanity from physically balancing karmic debts in most instances by taking it on Himself through the ordeal of the crucifixion. Now it is all done on the etheric, emotional, and lower mental levels with some inconvenience, but not with undue suffering if one accepts a Christ seed. Jesus hung on the cross on the physical plane so everyone could go through the crucifixion experience inwardly. He opened the Way of the Heart. That is why He is called the Wayshower, the Redeemer, the Great Sacrifice, etc. After His sacrifice, the suffering of regeneration is mostly emotional and mental anguish to attain the equanimity and balance at the center where both arms of the cross meet and the long, lower portion has been withdrawn from the earth element. The cross no longer stands on Golgotha, the Mount of Skulls. The regenerated individual is an even-armed golden cross and is no longer hanging and suffering emotionally and mentally on a black cross of pain and anguish (Roman Catholic crucifix).

Christians and Christ-ians

Up to the time of Jesus, initiation consisted of the disciple or supplicant being put into a trance state, which lasted for three days. The initiator separated the candidate’s mental body from the physical and desire bodies and awakened it. This method of initiation was brought from Atlantis and practiced by the Egyptians, Hindus, and Druids. The blood structure of those peoples was different from ours and this method of initiation was natural for them. Their blood structures bore the mark of the previous avatar’s signature, a shining pinpoint of light in the form of a Tau, with the tiny round dot where the upright arm of the cross is now seen.

Ever since the momentous suffusion of the etheric body of the earth with the Christ power by Jesus, most of humanity, regardless of race, creed or belief are Christians, since their blood corpuscles show the cross insignia when seen clairvoyantly. “Throughout the teaching of Christian theology, the theme of blood runs ceaselessly and the source of salvation is laid upon the blood relationship and not upon the life aspect which the blood veils and symbolizes.”3

Today there are still some individuals who carry the previous avatar’s blood signature, for one reason or another. These souls naturally turn to mystical Orders that give the old initiation, when they find themselves ready for initiation. Initiation for them extends the point of light of the Tau cross to the even-armed cross of the “Christian,” so they can tread the Way of the Cross also.

The trance method of initiation is dangerous to “Christians.” It may cause outright transition, or where the physical survives the ordeal; it may cause insanity, or at least derangement. The Way of the Cross is the most natural way for those whose blood corpuscles show a shining cross. The process of initiation for them is done on the spiritual plane without the body’s suspension of animation. The only physical manifestations are happenings in the individual’s life that are counterparts of the happenings in the life of Jesus. What makes Jesus’s method to attain illumination so unique is that one can go about one’s daily business while following it.

When a “Christian” becomes completely suffused by the Christ power, the cross of light within each corpuscle is replaced by a pentagram. The symbol of the new Christ-ian is a pentagram, because the pentagram is the emblem of the Christ power in man.

The Christ-ian subjugates the negative electromagnetic force of the earth and keeps it underfoot. This is signified in Roman Catholic symbolism by Mary standing on the globe of the earth with the serpent under her foot. Mary (mind) subjugates and transmutes this power in man into creative genius.

Christ-ians have achieved soul consciousness. There is as great, if not a greater step, between a conscious being and a self-conscious man as there is between a self-conscious man and a soul-conscious human. A person is still an animal until he becomes truly human, by being infused with the Christ power. A large order. That is why there are so few New Humans in the world, among ordinary animal-like intelligent people.

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